About IFS

IFS was founded in 1996 as the International Entrepreneur Association in Sweden (Stiftelsen Internationella Företagare i Sverige) to provide support to people with migrant backgrounds who want to start and operate businesses in Sweden.

IFS purpose is to stimulate and increase entrepreneurship among migrant groups, raise competence among individual migrant entrepreneurs, and work to improve the climate with regards to migrant entrepreneurship.

We also initiate projects to create networks between migrant businesses and other businesses and organizations in Sweden.

What is unique about IFS Guidance is that our business advisors represent the diversity found in society and can communicate in 28 different languages.

To improve the climate with regards to migrant entrepreneurship IFS initiated the award, ”New Entrepreneur of the Year” (Årets Nybyggare) back in 1999.  The award is intended to go to a person with an migrant background who, despite hindrances and difficult conditions, has started his/her own business and contributed to growth in the new country.  Since the year 2000 His Majesty Carl XVI Gustav has served as the award’s patron.