IFS is the organization which protects and promotes migrant entrepreneurs through methods such as skill development and the shaping of public opinion.  We are now shifting into a higher gear and presenting our new website which is intended to serve as a clear and obvious meeting place for all who subscribe to our motto: “Equal opportunity increases growth.” Especially now when the economy is making us all more or less sweaty and when Treasury Secretary Borg is predicting the worst growth in 30 years.

It is now we need new, creative ideas.  It is now we want to see the new Kamprad, the new Zoegas, the new Herbert Felix.  Yes, who was Felix?  A refugee from Czechoslovakia who came to Sweden in the 1930’s, founder of a company which everyone today considers ”completely Swedish”.
Sweden and Herbert Felix showed what can be accomplished when the doors are opened for people with the power of initiative and when they are given the chance to realize their visions.

It is here, on IFS’ website, where you will find the exciting reviews and articles about migrant entrepreneurship.

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